She portrays herself as an Independent voice, but…

Her brand of independence sure looks like that of a Republican

For years, Mary Norwood has proclaimed herself an “Independent” while relying on the far-right GOP to continue to climb the political ladder. When her Campaign Treasurer is an unabashed Trump supporter, her consultants have ties to the far-right, and her closed-door campaign events are essentially GOP red carpet events, that “independence” talk is tough to buy.

The Facts
  • Campaign staffed by Republicans
  • Campaign funded by GOP donors
  • Refused to support the Ossoff campaign, helping elect a far-right candidate that supports Donald Trump’s agenda.

  • Surrounds herself with a who’s who of the far-right GOP like Josh McKoon, Karen Handel, and Jeff Mullis.


If you're known by the company you keep...

Mary Norwood has some explaining to do.

Who Mary Norwood surrounds herself with sends a very clear message. Since April of this year, Norwood’s financial disclosures showed:

  • $35,693.88 in expenditures to Critical Point Consulting, a firm owned by a former employee of GOP Secretary of State Brian Kemp.

  • $43,422.75 to a consulting firm (Campaign Consulting Group, LLC.) owned, operated, and patronized by the Republican Party and its candidates.

  • $45,783 to GOP consultant with former ties to a Super PAC created by Newt Gingrich.

Mary Norwood’s financial ties to extremist Republicans are troubling.

Learn more about her financial support for and from the GOP here. 


Mary Norwood with Republican Fulton County Commissioner Liz Haussman and Republican Congresswoman Karen Handel.

She helped put a Trump ally in Congress.

No matter her motivation, she stood idly by while another Trump ally was elected to represent Atlantans in Congress. We need better leadership than that in the Mayor’s office.

Even though Jon Ossoff ran a substantive campaign focused on the local economy and improving the quality of life for all Georgians, Mary Norwood refused to endorse the Democrat.

No matter her motivation, she stood idly by while another Trump ally and career politician was elected to represent Georgians in Congress. A career politician herself, Mary Norwood had no problem with chasing down photo ops with Karen Handel—a far-right Republican with a well-documented history of pushing an anti-woman, anti-LGBTQ, and anti-voting rights agenda.

We need better leadership than that in the Mayor’s office. There are so many good Democrats running for Mayor of Atlanta, why risk putting Mary Norwood in office?

Norwood Refuses to Denounce Donald Trump

Mary Norwood won't denounce this man?

The other candidates in the race for Mayor of Atlanta had no problem denouncing Donald Trump. Then again, they're Democrats. Read up on the real Mary Norwood at marytherepublican.com then share to help us keep Atlanta blue.

Posted by Democratic Party of Georgia on Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Atlanta is a strong deep blue city. We cannot hand it over to the Republican Party.

Atlanta, let’s show Mary Norwood what we think of her GOP ties this November.

Elect the Democrat, Councilwoman Keisha Lance Bottoms, to serve as Atlanta’s next mayor December 5th.